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My Therapeutic Approach and Counselling Theories

Shane Carter

Ethical Framework and Counselling Theories

Hi I am Shane, a registered member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and therefore follow their ethical framework. More information can be found on the BACP website. Following this framework enables an ethical counselling practice, it enables us to work safely together, protecting both of us and helping to guide our way through any issues that arise.

I trained as an integrative counsellor which means I have knowledge and experience of a variety of counselling theories, including person-centred, gestalt, psychodynamic and psychosynthesis.

During my training walking and nature was a big part of the process for me and therefore I offer walking and talking therapy. The counselling theories I use are also part of the walking, talking, nature-based therapy .

Therapeutic Approach

The basis of my therapeutic approach is of a person-centred one, basically meaning you are my focus, we are equals and I have no agenda other than your needs. It is your space and time. I feel it is very important for you to be listened to and allowed to express yourself while feeling safe from judgement.

Though I personally do not feel that an entirely person-centred approach is enough, I strongly believe that challenging is an integral part of therapy. Challenging to me is questioning your view, offering differing perspectives, helping you to challenge yourself and to be able to make changes. You are here probably because you want to change something about your life and that only happens if changes are made, that may be your approach, your perspective, your awareness, your understanding or anything else which you feel does not lend itself to helping you be who you are.

Drawing upon and exploring the past can be very useful within therapy, I feel that focusing on how the past affects your present situation is most important. To add I feel my counselling approach is very organic, there are no set rules or set direction working with me, I go with instinct and gut feeling, so you could say the work I do is tailored for each individual client. We all work, react and respond in different ways and I know it does not work trying to put a square into a circular hole,let'ss work with our strengths and just be us.

Starting the Counselling Journey

When you contact me I will reply as soon as possible, letting you know my current availability so we can find a time slot for our sessions. The first meeting's aim will be getting to know you, where for part of the session I will ask you questions and find out in more detail what you hope to achieve through your counselling adventure. If we feel we're a good match to work together we will continue from there.

Creative and interactive tools can help your journey, so if you feel that a creative approach can help you there are many ways in which we can incorporate them into the sessions. Holding sessions outside the office is also a possibility. Being out in nature can help you to feel free, to open up more easily, to feel relaxed and have connection with the earth. That is why I would like to offer the option of outside counselling to you, to help you along your journey.

Where I Am and the Working Room

I am situated in Calne and my counselling space is on the Porte Marsh Industrial Estate. The room is quiet and peaceful with a natural, relaxed aesthetic and atmosphere suited for counselling. I am on the first floor of the building so there is one flight of stairs to access my room. I have two large comfortable armchairs which have low, wide armrests making them size inclusive. Just to add free parking in a large open car park right outside the front of the building. Disabled parking is available. The building also has male, female and disabled toilets which are clean and maintained regularly.

This is where we will meet in person at an agreed time and day, all relevant information will be given on how to access the building, where to park, etc before our first session.

So inside the room is a relaxed chair area where generally most of our work will be done, there is a desk area in which creative tasks and exploration can take place. I have paper, pens, various packs of cards including emotional behaviours, family roles and archetypes, small musical instruments and more. These can be helpful tools or activities to help explore, gain awareness and understanding of many aspects of your life. I will help and guide you on how to use them.

To create the natural, relaxed environment I have soft fabrics on the wall, rugs between the two soft armchairs, soft lighted lamps, plants, a faux standing fire, and rocks and minerals on different surfaces which I have collected while on walks. Paintings of landscapes help create a more homely feel, provide focus and interest while in the room. There is a large notice board which I have completely covered in photos I have taken while out and about, they are all images that gave me inspiration and interest and many clients have used it to focus, relax, or to just comment on.

Online and Phone Therapy

Of course if you would rather access counselling remotely then that is a service I offer to clients. Whether that is for every session or just a one off when you or I am not available in person, this could be due to illness, work trip, car issues, whatever really, it is always an option we have. Of course this format also allows you to work with me even if you are the other end of the country. It is important for you to be able to work with someone who you feel comfortable with and online counselling gives you more choice meaning you do not have to just look at counsellors in your area.

Online counselling can raise the question "Is it as good as in person?" My experience has led me to believe that yes it can be, each client counsellor relationship is different and for some people it wouldn't feel right but you never know until you try it. I am continuously surprised by the level that can be reached over two screens. I am finding out that the format in which you access counselling does not necessarily affect the relationship and progress.

Phone counselling is also an option for clients, I know it can be hard to access therapy and the idea of being on show or looked at while talking about personal feelings and issues can be extremely hard. It can be a factor in stopping you from trying counselling.

Just to add the format of the sessions is not set, if needed we can start on phone, move to online and then in person, again there are no rules. I know it is very important to have this flexibility because life happens.

Walking and Talking Therapy

So, we can work in the room together, online or phone, though another option I offer is outdoors in nature. Walking and talking, where the therapy room does not exist in a tangible sense. The outdoors and nature is our space.

Being outside gives you a freedom, space to be and something a room cannot give, that connection to nature and the earth. Having that space and freedom can help to let you turn off, leave the niggles, worries and concerns behind and just be. This can help to put things in perspective because you have taken yourself out of your normal environment, you are stepping out of your day to day life.

This can be literally walking and talking so we are just outside doing what we would in a therapy room or we can include our surroundings into our work. Reflecting on nature, what we can see, what we can hear, how it inspires you, metaphors, just its beauty and correlations to what we are discussing.


Face to face / Telephone/ Online

£50 per session (50 minutes)

Walking and Talking

from £50 per session (50 minutes) Route, duration and intensity can be discussed to suit your needs

Here for you.

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