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Compassionate Counselling

In the heart of Wiltshire, my counselling practice is a continuously developing place where hope, support and compassion are given to anyone who is finding life hard, frustrating, annoying, hurtful, painful, draining and any other way you want to describe life's struggles and complexities. As a therapist or counsellor, whatever you want to call me, I understand the importance of feeling safe when discussing and opening up about things which you may never have talked about before. This is why I commit to providing a nurturing environment where every individual feels valued and heard. Wherever the counselling or therapy takes place, whether that be in my therapy room in Calne, remotely online, via phone or in nature I aim to always provide the highest level of support, help and compassion to you.

Mental health is part of life that can be looked over, ignored or pushed away and therapy is a word that can conjure up certain images and thoughts that make the idea of therapy something scary, prying and best left alone. I feel I really understand how hard it can be to reach out, you may have had negative experiences with opening up, bad therapy, the wrong therapist or just not the opportunity. This could be time to revisit or start your healing journey, I am here for you.

I would just like to add that this page is focused on Wiltshire as it is where I am, though as I offer remote counselling I can work with anyone in any part of the UK, so please do not feel like I am not addressing you as you read on.

Counselling for Anxiety and Depression in Wiltshire

Anxiety can be a crippling experience, affecting every aspect of your life. My aim for helping with anxiety is to offer a safe space where we can explore and understand your anxieties and worries in a calm and supportive environment. Together, we will work at your pace, employing a humanistic therapeutic approach to help you manage and overcome your anxiety.

Feeling depressed often makes you feel alone and can be a solitary journey, but it doesn't have to be. Working together in a gentle, non-judgemental space can make that sharing of your experiences and feelings easier. As a compassionate counsellor, I am here to support you through every step, helping you to find the skills and way to lift out of that suffocating depression.

Burnout Support Counselling

Burnout can be hard to be aware of especially when you are so focused on the doing, not having time to realise you are spread so thin. It can really affect your confidence and motivation. I aim to help and support you towards recovery with the goal of feeling once more in control and lifting you from that feeling of burnout.

The understanding and compassion I give can help you to gain the knowledge that your needs and health are important and accepting that you can change priorities or lifestyle to suit you.

Relationship Counselling Service

Relationships are the cornerstone of our lives but can also be sources of significant stress and heartache. I can provide the opportunity to address and work through relationship issues in a supportive and understanding environment.

Whether you're facing communication challenges or deeper conflicts, I am here to listen, understand, help and support you in what can feel a lonely time.

Grief Counselling Service

The pain of loss can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling lost and alone. To have someone to talk to within a dedicated space and time to express and process your grief can be really beneficial.

Showing compassion and understanding that everyone's journey through grief is unique, I offer support to help you move through your loss at your own pace, honouring your emotions and experiences along the way.

My Inclusive Approach within Therapy

image of trees representing Inclusivity diversity gender identities sexual orientation culture race

I welcome individuals of all gender identities and sexual orientations, acknowledging the importance of a diverse and inclusive practice. My approach to counselling is rooted in understanding and empathy, striving to honour each person's unique journey. I am committed to ongoing learning and understanding through supervision and training, ensuring that my counselling services are a safe haven for all.

In Wiltshire, my doors are open to anyone seeking support, whether you're dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, burnout or grief. You are the priority in the counselling sessions, and together, we will travel towards healing and self-discovery. Reaching a place where self understanding and awareness is increased which in turn will hopefully lead to a lighter brighter day to day life.

Counselling for Women in Wiltshire

For many women, the idea of opening up to a counsellor, particularly a male counsellor, can be daunting, especially if their concerns are related to experiences with men. I want to reassure you that as a calm, gentle, and understanding male counsellor, I am committed to providing a safe space for you to explore both past traumas and current issues.

Our work together will be at your pace, in a non-judgemental, humanistic manner, giving you the compassion and understanding that you may feel missing from your day to day life. You are the most important person in the sessions, and supporting you on your journey is my priority. Together, we will embark on this adventure towards healing and self-discovery.

Counselling for Men in Wiltshire

As a man, I understand the challenges and hesitations that can come with seeking help. It's common to doubt whether counselling can make a difference, but I'm here to support you through those doubts. Showing compassion and with a calm and gentle approach, I aim to provide a space where you feel comfortable to open up and explore your feelings in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

Taking the step to seek help is significant, and counselling can be incredibly rewarding. Let's face this adventure together, knowing that the first step, though difficult, is a courageous one towards improving your life.

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in"
Leonard Cohen
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